BOVEN KAMERS last copies!

The limited edition of 50 copies of BOVEN KAMERS, the pop-up book about the human brain is a fact. The copies are almost sold out, so if you would like to buy a copy, please hurry;-)! And buy one of the last copies in the WEBSHOP.

Collaboration with Elbel Libro Bookbindings

Elbel Libro Bookbindings did a special binding for BOVEN KAMERS for the Royal Library, the national library of the Netherlands, and the result was amazing! So we decided to do a special edition within the limited edition of BOVEN KAMERS. The last 10 copies of BOVEN KAMERS will have this beautifull special binding of Elbel Libro Bookbindings. At this moment you can preorder your copy, but be fast! We are almost running out of this special edition.


Now something completely different! A new (read: the birth of) logo for Scalora. A clothingbrand full of sweats, smiles, pizza and Italian decadence. Come on! Eat the cannoli! Comming soon;-)!

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