Pop-up book about the brain

The pop-up book BOVEN KAMERS takes the reader on a tour through the human brain and its functions in six pop-up spreads. At first it shows the oldest brain areas, which lie deep inside the brain. In these areas are the most basic functions, like the control of our breathing and heartbeat. After that, the book shows the specialisms of the left and right hemispheres. Finally, you see the cortex, the outer layer of the brain. This layer contains the complex functions, like reading, writing and singing. The pop-up models in the pop-up book BOVEN KAMERS are real-sized, 3D representations of the brain and give together with the (Dutch) index next to the models, insight into the human brain.


The biological information in the book is controled by neuroscientists  Gerard J. Boer, Dutch Brain Institute and prof. dr. Harry B. M. Uijlings, VUMC. Besides that I worked together with paperartist Ingrid Siliakus, because all the detailed pieces of the pop-up models are lasercut.

SOLD OUT! Limited edition pop-up book

The printrun of BOVEN KAMERS, pop-up book about the brain is a limited edition of 50 books. All books are handmade, numbered and signed. BOVEN KAMERS contains six pop-up spreads with accompanying text in Dutch.

Exhibitions and publications

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            Posts on blogs: This Girl Lel, ME studio, Sofie LH, Passion for paper and print, Christa design, CM ontwerp, Pinterest

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